"To Protect and Preserve" -- The words of the Order of Neannu.

The Order of Neannu is a order that concerns themselves fully with the central faith of Emiria.


It is unknown exactly when the order was founded but they have been in Emiria for a very long time. They helped write the biblical book known as The True Faith of Emiria. They believe in protecting and preserving their faith as well as converting others to it. The Order is not only very secretive but it considers itself above the law. In their own words, to cross the Order of Neannu is to cross the gods themselves. The Order is completely against the religion of Father Mortis. The Order is known to have imprisoned the mad painter Alxed Voose and kept him until he died.


As follows, top to bottom.

  • Emissaries of Neannu, those who go on missions to special places or meet with certain people. These are the only people who are allowed to talk to the High Priest himself, and there are only ever 12 of them.
  • Priests of places of worship.
  • Traveling faith-spreaders, who travel across Emiria spreading the faith.
  • Begging Brothers, those who are poor, but spread the faith anyway,

Not listed: The Enforcers of Neannu, and the knights of Neannu. The Enforcers run the jails and work behind the scenes, the knights pledge their swords to the goddess and the faith.

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