Onthakoth, also known as the following aliases: the Mass-Devourer, the Usurper, the Empty Void,... is a Deity in the Arokhviran Culture. It was depicted as a Mass Consuming Demon who desired nothing else than to consume.

The Deity never left Mythos but hibernated beneath the holy mountain of Irisotha until it awakened in 367 AM and resurfaced in 4002 AM when the Arokhviru Kingdom faced near Extinction.

Despite being depicted as a grotesque amount of mass Ontakoth was actually a small ball of flesh that consumed and grew in size.

When Ontakoth resurfaced it began to create small tentacles all over the Arokhviran Capitol and began consuming citizens, as the capitol houses over 640.000 citizens it had enough food to grow enough to be capable of opening a Thersthing Portal and releasing creatures known by the Arokhviru as 'The First Walkers'.

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