Olympix is the capitol of Olympia. It is where the Olympian's Keep lies.


Olympix is covered with tall buildings, but all the buildings are towered by the high castle where The Ancient Ones reside, the Olympian's Keep. However, there is another tall building, but it is not as highly built as the keep, the cathedral. At the cathedral, the inhabitants of Olympix come to worship the Olympian Gods. People from all over Olympia come to Olympix just for the cathedral; it is the only in the land. Most of the buildings in Olympix are barracks and military houses. The largest of these military headquaters is just on the border of the Olympix terrotory and the eastern Descolox Desert. It is named the Olympian Descolox Defence Center, or the ODDC for short. At the ODDC the largest army belonging to the empire of The Ancient Ones resides. It was placed just on the border of the Descolox Desert for a reason; just in case The Resistance dare return.


Olympix, much like most of Olympia, is very dry and warm. It is sometimes recieves small sandstorms blown in from the eastern desert, the Descolox Desert. It is usually very bright and shiny, but it recieves thunderstorms often.


Olympix is ruled by The Ancient Ones through The Empire. The entire realm is ruled by The Ancient Ones through The Empire. The Empire recieves orders from The Ancient Ones in Olympix, and commence the orders all around Olympia, wherever needed.

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