Olympia is a large realm in Mythos.

A map of Olympia


Olympia is one large continent. It is divided up into nine large states; Tyrania, Artarion, Magnia, Raxus, Raxus Prime, Dezran, and Olympix, the capital.

In the north of Olympia where the two states Tyrania and Artarion are located it is very cold and is blanketed by sheets of snow year round. Many tall mountains cover the north.

In the south of Olympia where the two states Magnia and Dezran are located it is usually very warm, unlike the very distant north. It is covered with tropical forests and rivers.

The east of Olympia is not populated, instead it makes up the Descolox Desert. The Descolox Desert is very dry and barren, whipping up sandstorms every hour or so. Rumor has it that deep in the Descolox desert lies the headquarters of The Resistance.

In the west of Olympia where Raxus an Raxus Prime are loacted it is also very dry like the Descolox Desert, but it is still capable of containing life. Raxus and Raxus Prime are famous for their gigantic volcanoes.

Finally, in the center of Olympia is a place that holds the most important state of all Olympia; Olympix. Olympix is where The Ancient Ones reside.


Olympia was one of the first founded realms. They were founded in about 0050, as the earliestrecords say. In 0100, a group called The Ancient Ones formed and tried to take over all of Olympia, resulting in a huge war knwon as The Olympian War. However, due to the immense magical abilities of The Ancient Ones, The Ancient Ones took the place as rulers of Olympia. After this three year war, The Ancient Ones established the seven states and The Empire. Since then, they have ruled Olympia without questions from the inhabitants.

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