Nova König is the current ruler of House König, thus being the current king of Emirion. He has a wife, a son, and a daughter.

Nova König

Nova in his armor








Nova has long and shaggy brown hair that he often ties up. His long hair is one of his features that he has inherited from his ancestors. He has dark brown eyes like those belonging to a lion. He is very muscular and brutal, although his armour makes him look even larger. He is also very tall at about 6.2 feet in height.

His armour is an emerald green decorated wildly with rubies, emeralds, pieces of gold, and turquoise. This armour was crafted by hand by his forefather, Eros König, founder of House König and Emirion. Another noticeable feature of the armour is the frilled birds on the shoulders. The birds are modelled to be Kowazixes.

The sword belonging to Nova is also passed on from generation to generation. It is made from gold, silver, and rubies. It also has a small orb containing immense magical energies. These energies flow through the blade, adding a small electrical charge to it. When it hits something, the energies all burst out and flow through the target, shocking the target violently.


Nova is very secretive and quiet. He doesn't like to speak; he just gets messengers usually. However, he is known to be very wise and smart. Like his ancestors, he does not like fighting, but when he has to, he does a good job at it.


Just like the his father, his grandfather, and all of his other ancestors, Nova is a great Dracomancer. He has his own dragon, named Gemfire. Although Nova can transform into a dragon, he doesn't like to and he chooses to ride with Gemfire instead.

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