Nera is a feral child who Hasina Styrke found in the area around House Solus.


She is average height, and muscular due to her upbringing. She has several minor scars on her face and arms.


Still rather aggressive and quick to anger, Nera has taken a liking to Hasina, as the first human she remembers seeing.


She was born in 3989 to unknown parents, who abandoned her in the wild, presumably near House Solus. She was raised by wolves for fourteen years. However, after fourteen years one of her pack members was killed by Ogros, and when being chased by them, she fell in an Ogro trap. The wolves killed the Ogros and saved her, but she was still trapped. However, Hasina then arrived and helped her out, and the wolves allowed her to take Nera away. Over the next year, Hasina taught her to speak, read and write, with help from Huo and others in the village.

In 4005, she was believed to have been killed in combat with the Shadowlings, but in fact survived and rode with Hasina and her allies to Deathbringer's Citadel. She was thrown out of the citadel in combat, but was saved by Red Fury before she hit the ground, and as such also avoided the explosion that destroyed the citadel.

In FictionEdit

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