Did you mean the universe, Mythos?

Mythos, or Meithos, is the Olympian goddess of all creation.


It is uknown if The World Mythos was named after this goddess, or this goddess was named after The World. However, they do both have the same name.


It is said in the book "The Blood of Our Fathers" that the entire world is actually the living, breathing body of the goddess. This is how Olympians explain earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophic events. The book also notes that the realm Olympia is actually right above the heart of Mythos. Some explorers have attempted to dig under the center of an unknown area of Olympia and looked for the heart of the goddess. These explorers have never returned, but it is rumored that treasures beyond imagination lie at the heart of Mythos.


The book states that nothing existed before Mythos. As a matter of fact, the book says that Mythos was there the entire time; she was never not in existance. After billions of years of existance, Mythos wanted creatures to live upon her, so she created Rez. Soon, Mythos fell in love with Rez and wanted them to be together forever, however, Rez did not like his mother and created two new beings, Chaos and Order. This event created Ento, goddess of peace whom Rez fell in love with and had many children with. Mythos disapproved of this greatly and tried to destroy Rez and his creations. However Rez and his sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters defeated Mythos and forced her into a deep sleep. Over thousands of years, Rez and his family created life to live on Mythos, the sleeping goddess. However, they were wild and untamed and Mythos knew it, even in her sleep. So she created The Ancient Ones and gifted them with power superior to many gods. The Ancient Ones tamed all the life atop their mother. The gods did not like this, they banished the ancients to a small remote island, far away from all the others. Even on that island, know known as Olympia, The Ancient Ones banished the gods and goddesses away, so that they can only do what they were born to do.

Mythos was also said to have created a fabled cavern under Olympia called Durzio, where life was first created.

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