The Mourner is a mysterious man from a distant realm. His true name is actually Ghyk'tui in his original tongue, but roughly translates to Mourner in the original tongue.


Not much is known about the Mourner's past, and he only shares hints of it with his most trusted confidants. The Mourner strongly hints that he grew up a thief on the streets of where he came from. At around the age of 12, the Mourner discovered his hidden powers. When the Mourner started using his powers he was quickly apprehended by the city officials who could not contain him. The Mourner ruled the city where he was born for 5 years before setting sail for distant lands for unknown reasons.


The Mourner was an adept in magic, but his magic focused more on the emotions and thoughts of others. He could bend their wills with ease and inspire fear in his most hated enemies. He is not skilled, however, in other types of magic.


The Mourner does not take many things seriously. His personality is one that is carefree, but can grow deadly serious if he feels annoyed or threatened.

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