Morena is a female Wizard. She is from Southern Emiria. She is generally considered an untrustworthy, yet seductive, individual.


Morena is a very attractive human woman, with dark hair and a healthy tan. She wears a figure-hugging dress, which exposes most of her breasts. Her skirt has a strategically placed gap in it, which allows her entire right leg to be seen. She wears such immodest clothing to help her manipulate males in her presence.


Morena has fairly weak magic, barely enough to give her an edge in conflict. What magic she does have has to be channelled through a special skull-staff in order to be effective. The only spell she can perform with great skill is a charm that makes her irresistible to men.


Manipulative and yet seductive, Morena is not trusted by anyone who knows her well. She is not above sleeping with those who can get her what she wants; chastity is not a cherished virtue for her.


Morena's meagre magical abilities first manifested at the age of fifteen. She soon went to the Wizard's Tower for training. Initially, the recruiting Wizard deemed her abilities too meagre for her to become a Wizard; however, Morena seduced the recruiter in order to gain what she wanted. She has used this strategy many times since, to great effect.

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