The Moon War was a period of war between the Moon Elves during the years 528 and 782, although not so bloody and deadly as the Death Moon Wars it caused the Blood Moon Elves to be hated

Notable eventsEdit

0528---Blood Moon Elves invade Lesser Moon Elves territory and thus start the Moon War

0597---Flood Moon Elven army decimated

0602---High Moon Elves join war to stop Blood Moon Elves

0659---Blood Moon Elves lose major battle

0699---Invasion of Blood Moon Elven territory begins

0719---Blood Moon Elves drive invaders out

0747---Battle of Khaeno'Forsza, major battle between Blood Moon Elves against the other kingdoms. Blood Moon Elves eventually lose and retreat

0780---Blood Moon Elven army decimated at capital

0782---Moon War ends

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