The Moon Elves, a magnificent species among Elvenkind. But they are long gone, living little more than one and a half millennia. Alas, gone, they themselves are gone. Their legacy still remains, and by uncovering all of their secrets they shall return. By knowing how they lived and acting like them we shall evolve into Moon Elves as well!"

- Thoalevig Vyrthiok, Sand Elf

0000---Mythos is formed

0027---Supposed year Moon Elves came into existance

0485---Moon Shism divided Moon Elves between the Lesser Elves and Higher Elves

0497---Lesser Moon Shism divides the Lesser Moon Elves and creates the Half Moon Elves, Flood Moon Elves and the Eclipse Elves

0503---Higher Moon Shism divides the Higher Moon Elves and creates the Blood Moon Elves and the High Moon Elves

0528---Moon War starts

0782---Moon War ended, Blood Moon Elves defeated

0783---Blood Moon Elves sign the Pure Moon Treaty, and thus bannish Necromancy from their realms

0789---Necromancy scandal discovered among the Blood Moon Elven Monarchs, High Moon Elves arrest monarchs and new monarchs are chosen

0947---Second Necromancy scandal discovered, Blood Moon Elves are sanctioned with more territorial losses and are strictly checked by the High Moon Elves

1093---Swarm Wars begin as the Flood Moon Elves discovered a species they call Lho'Juvitil (meaning Those With No Soul)

1217---Lho'Juvitil presumably extinct after the Swarm Wars

1683---Third Necromancy scandal discovered, monarch Thaerin Ohlkhan executed as an example

1695---Thaerin Ohlkhan returns as Archlich and starts the Death Moon Wars

1759---Moon Elves vanished

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