Moon Elves, or Dra'leren, were a hyper-advanced civilisation who vanished in the year 1759. Although very gracefull they were extremely aggresive having destroyed countless civilisations. Most of the Moon Elves were allied with each other, with the exception of the Blood Moon Elves who were in war with all the other kingdoms (Also known as the Death Moon Wars), it was only through the help of the High Moon Elves that the 'Lesser Moon Elven' kingdoms could survive the war.


The Moon Elves were divided in several categories and thus have different appearances:

  • Half Moon Elves: The smallest kingdom of all Moon Elves, these allowed Men to live in their cities causing Half-Elfs to excist among them. The Kingdom was punished by calling them Half Moon (Not Pure).
  • Eclipse Elves: The Eclipse Elves received their name due to their monarchs who were Dark Elves.
  • Flood Moon Elves: The strongest of the 'Lesser Moon Elves', they were very rich and for that reason got attacked first during the Moon War.
  • Blood Moon Elves: Elves skilled in Necromancy, they used their knowledge to resurrect their fallen soldiers in the Moon War. The High Moon Elves however were able to disrupt their magic crippling their master plan.
  • High Moon Elves: The greatest and strongest kingdom, when the Blood Moon Elves started their war with the 'Lesser Moon Elves' they interfered with their plans and drove them back, sanctioning them with territorial losses and the costs of the war.

Important IndividualsEdit

Half Moon ElvesEdit

  • [[

Eclispse ElvesEdit

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Flood Moon ElvesEdit

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Blood Moon ElvesEdit

High Moon ElvesEdit

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It is unknown when they came to excistance but they disappeared in the year 1759 after an unknown event. But during this time they did unimaginable things. They built thousands of cities each capable of housing between 25.000 and 75.000 citizens.

Study made by both the Sand Elves and the Snow Elves (mostly the Snow Elves though as the Sand Elves are busy with the Sandcrawlers) have created a detailed timeline of the Moon Elven History.


The Moon Elves worshipped the Moon as it stood for new life (refering to moon cycles) and change (refering to flood and tide). They had several holidays for this religion and built many temples in their realms.

Known holidays:


The Moon Elves had numerous enemies, such as:

In FictionEdit

Story: A Great Civilisation - A book found in one of the ruins contained this story

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