Mind Wreckers are Dragons from the realm Xenox.


Mind Wreckers are small purple dragons. Not entirely small, but small compared to most Dragons. When they stand, they only measure to about 10 feet. However, their wings spand is as little larger, around 14 feet long. With these short wings, they hardly ever fly.

Their wings have a thick metallic covering. This covering coats the entire wing and makes it look very glossy. However, under the covering is ribbed with thin fingers of bone that extend out from the wing's edge, forming a line of widely spaced talons.

On the necks of these Dragons sprout large frills. The backs are very smooth, and that leads to the most muscular part of the body; the hind legs. The back legs are thick with strong muscles. The muscles are very thick for one reason only; to provide a great kick-start when leaping up into the air, readying for flight.


Mind Wreckers use an extremely complicated kind of magic; mental magic. They use magic to tresspass into the minds of their prey, and literally force them to go to the Mind Wrecker. This magic is very complex and it takes much energy, so it cannot be used more than twice a day. Otherwise, the dragon would lose all of its body energies and die. However they do not know when they have little energy left, so it is very dangerous. However, they must be wise and stop after the first time. In this case, one is certainly one too many.

Mind Wreckers do not use much other magic, with an exception of some elemental spells like fire balls to warm themselves or water spells to rehydrate when water is scarce.


Mind Wreckers can be found in the high peaks of Xenox. 


The diets of Mind Wreckers widely depend what wanders near it. However, they prefer smaller mammals. They sometimes eat valuble gems and ores to push food down their small intestines.

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