Mina is the Ancient word of Magic (Spell) for Mind, Illusion, and thought. When this incantation is said, the caster is able to read the one's mind who the caster is thinking about, however it is possible to counter this incantation with the spell Skeromina, protecting the caster from any Mina spells. Most Mina spells involve the manipulation of the mind and should not be practiced by low level wizards, as this could even result in death, or you could simply go insane.

Spell EnhancementsEdit

All Known Spells Regarding Mina

Spell Name.

Info. Things between () are the enhancements


BASE SPELL: Allows the caster access to someone else's mind, allowing them to read their thoughts for 1 minute. Level 3 Spell


This spell also allows access to a target's mind, but things are "foggy". However, access is allowed for 3 minutes. Level 3 Spell


This spell also allows access to a target's current thoughts, however only for 45 seconds. This spell is also able to allow access to ALL MEMORIES. Level 4 Spell


This spell, when casted on something, makes it invisible for 2 minutes. This item can now only be seen by the caster, while it can still be felt by all. This spell can even be cast on the caster him/herself. Level 3 spell


This spell, commonly known as Telekinesis, allows the movement of an object with the caster's mind. This spell has a different form of risk level. The risk is based on how heavy and large something is. For instance, an ant would be a Level 1 Spell, but something like a big log would be a 3.

Here is a list of known enhancements to the base spell Mina:

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