Darkhell Draegen

Mhorthovalek, one of the last Darkhell Draegens.

Mhorthovalek is one of the last Darkhell Draegens. As they are a dying breed all he desires is to fight, he doesn't care who he has to fight as long as he can fight.


As all other Darkhell Draegens he has 4 pairs of limbs (legs, arms and 2 sets of wings) and dark scales. Mhorthovalek has a different colour in his fire then the rest of the Darkhell Draegens, instead of a blue fire it is a mix between blue and black.


Mhorthovalek was raised as an orphan as his father was killed and his mother died of a disease. He learned not to trust others directly and that only the strongest and smartest individuals survive in this world. Because of this he gathered immense amounts of knowledge and tried to became the strongest Draegen ever. He once became mad in doing this as he tried to surpass Abysall Fissure, but Chivroykhan eased his mind before it was too late.


Mhorthovalek is known as a strong magic user, but he uses more passive attacks, such as:

  • Charmvoice: His voice gives a strong charismatic feeling and weak-minded individuals will be bound to his will. He can pump more magic in this to control even stronger minds.
  • Fearful eyes: His eyes inflict fear in both mounts and men, he uses this when striking enemies from close by.
  • Toughened hide: He always strengthens his hide with magic in order to sustain more damage.

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