Malus are large, hideous ogres. There are only two known individuals, and they are Deathbringer's personal guardians.


They have a triangular face, but with a wide jaw filled with sharp teeth. Large horns grow upwards from the head, and branch into several smaller horns a little way up.

They have a muscular torso and arms. Their hands have three, thick fingers and an opposable thumb, with long, sharp nails.

They have thick, muscular legs which are also fairly long. They have five-toed feet, but they are so closely fused together, that you can only really tell this from their five nails.

They stand about four metres high, and weigh about 600kg. They are brown-skinned.


They are barely sapient, capable of basic speech and battle tactics, but no emotions other than loyalty to Deathbringer, and no fear of dying.


They are carnivorous, and tend to be fed the scraps Deathbringer saves them from his meals, as few people reach the top to be killed by them, and they cannot leave to hunt.


The Malus are presumed to have no known lifetime, as they are assumed to have guarded Deathbringer's Citadel since its creation. However, when Hasina Styrke and her friends arrived in an attempt to slay Deathbringer, they succeeded in killing both Malus, and the species is therefore assumed to be extinct.

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