Lindworms are a type of serpentine creature closely related to the Dragon, but non-sapient.

A picture of a Lindworm


Growing up to 6 metres long and massing up to 350kg, Lindworms are snake-like animals with only vestigial (and barely visible) hind limbs and highly reduced front limbs, used mainly for digging. They have a thin hide, and a number of spikes along their spine. Their tail ends in a small mace-like structure, which does not serve any known purpose.

Lindworms are very fast, moving at up to 35mph on smooth ground and able to leap several metres through the air.


These creatures mainly consume large mammals, such as cattle and horses. However, they will attack and eat h

Life CycleEdit

Lindworms reproduce once every five years, when they gather in forest clearings or caves. Here, males and females knot together and so mate. Eggs are produced and the female coils round them, keeping them warm with her body heat. They hatch after thirty days, and then the young take fifteen years to grow to their full size.


Lindworms are non-sapient, and show little intelligence.


These animals mainly live in caves and mountain forests, though same take up residence in wells and crypts. They also live in a mountain full of horse anus whitch means the horses bum hole

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