A Lho'Juvitil ready to attack

The Lho'Juvitil (meaning Those With No Soul [Translated from the Moon Elven Tongue]) were a species of nocturnal predators who were in war with the Moon Elves


Most of the Lho look the same (with the exception of the different castes), they all have no visible eyes but are able to detect heat, light and magic.

Caste SystemEdit

After the Swarm Wars it was clear that there were only 3 castes:

  • Lho-Valan: The most common of the Lho, these had all jobs such as soldier, worker, gatherer, etc...
  • Lho-Guardians: The Lho's responsible for guarding the Hives, when enemies would break in and get killed the Guardians would be punished (by death or banishment).
  • Lho-Queens: The monarchs of the species, these commanded Hives and all those that resided inside.


Appearing for the first time in history in the year 1093 when the Swarm Wars began, these creatures were able to avoid their discovery for more then a millennia, making them a mystery which caused the Flood Moon Elves to be unprepared in every aspect.

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