Lasai was a Laji.


He was a relatively large Laji, at around ninety metres long. He had the appearance of a regular Laji.


He was proficient at magic, capable of using a range of spells. He rarely used destructive spells and focused his magical energy on healing; resultingly, his 'light fire' was weaker than normal.


After the deaths of five Laji in the south, Lasai was sent to investigate. He never made it; at The Neck, he was met by Deathbringer, who had caused all five deaths. After a short but fierce duel, Lasai became the sixth Laji slain by Deathbringer.

In 4005, his corpse was reanimated by Khaivaroth the Torturer, a Greater Dead. However, when hunted down by a wing of dragons from V'skarn Weyr, he destroyed the body to avoided being banished into true death forever.

In FictionEdit

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