Lapis luzile

Sailors speak legends of a giant blue dragon known to them as Lapis Luzile.


The name Lapis Luzile derives from the beautiful gem, Lapis Luzili. Lapis Luzili is a truly wonderful shade of blue, the same colour as the scales of Lapis Luzile.


Lapis Luzile has saphire-like scales covering most of her body, except the light grey scales on her head and underside.

Lapis has very strong wings. She is usually seen flying around the seas, constantly diving into the water, grabbing large fish with her giant talons. Her teeth are not very large, but they are very sharp, like individual daggers resting in the jaws of the dragon. Its is uknown what species she is, but she might be the last of her kind, as no other dragons have been seen with her characteristics.

Her arms are very small, but have very sharp, curved claws. Her legs, however, are very the same, except the fact that her legs contain much more muscle and length.

Lapis Luzile's tail is very thick with muscle. She can be seen swaying her tail high. It is uknown why she does this, but it sometimes causes small whirlwinds.

Personailty and IntelligenceEdit

Lapis is very shy, she does not like being seen. However, she does fly about at night. Sailors have reported her as a "man eating monster". This is completely false, as she only eats fish.

She does talk, but it is very rare. However, some people claim that they have spoken to her. They say things about her being good hearted, friendly, but very shy.

Lapis Luzile is very intelligent, but she is modest. She avoids troubles like sailors and other people that sail, she is afraid of them. However, she can be very critical and aggressive if she is taunted or attacked.


Lapis is not known to use much magic, although she has been seen levitating fish instead of carrying them. She has never been seen using other magic.

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