The Laji were a race of powerful, benevolent dragons that are now extinct.


They were enormous, reaching lengths of between 60 and 100 metres (200 to 333 feet). Their scales are pure white, and very tough and resilient. Their wings appear to be silk-thin, but are in fact rather durable.

Though naturally quadrupeds, they can stand bipedally. Their front limbs have three clawed fingers and an opposable thumb, and the rear feet have three clawed toes along with the dew claw.

Their long tail has a double-row of spikes running down its length, and can be used as a weapon. The head is covered in a bony armour, and their mouths are filled with sharp teeth. There are a couple of horns on the rear of the head, and a flap of skin on the underside of the neck.


They were kind and benevolent to the people of Emiria. It is known that occasionally, they visited other realms such as Emirion and Zeotriegn. They never used their power for destruction; only for good, or the destruction of evil.


They were never a numerous race, but peaked at a couple of hundred individuals. However, in the year 2021, five Laji were found dead in the South, and when other squads were sent to investigate, it turned out Deathbringer was responsible, and he ultimately wiped out the entire race.


Laji were masters of magic. They could not breathe fire, but conjured up a 'white fire' through magic, which was in fact a blast of pure light. They were capable of telepathy and basic teleportation, though only with a range of about ten kilometres, and even then it was straining. They could manipulate the weather, and create shields of magic. It is believed they could conjure standard fire too, but never did, favouring their 'white fire'.

In FictionEdit

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