Kryo bow

Kryoche: Summoned Ice Bow

Kryo is the Ancient word of Magic (Spell) for Ice, Frost, and cold. When this incantation is said, a beam of frost is shot from the caster's hands. Like its opposite, Pyro, Kryo is a basic Level 1 Spell, but can be manipulated to be one of the most powerful forces of Magic.

Spell EnhancementsEdit

Here is a list of known enhancements to the base spell Kryo:

All Known Spells Regarding Kryo

Spell Name.

Info. Things between () are the enhancements


BASE SPELLL: A beam of frost is launched from the caster's hands. Level 1 Spell.


A much colder stream of frost is ejected from caster's hands. Level 2 Spell.


A slightly less cold but longer lasting beam of frost is launched from caster's hands. Level 2 Spell.


A bow and arrow of frost is summoned for three minutes. Harmless to caster. Arrows chill/freeze targets, as they are made of pure cold. Level 3 Spell


A blade of ice is summoned. The blade is harmless to the caster, but tears through enemies with the sharp ice. Lasts for 3 minutes. Level 3 Spell.


A icy aura is summoned around the caster. The aura follows the caster and threatens to freeze any people who dare to enter the aura. The aura can be broken with anti-aura spells very easily, but lasts until then. Level 3 Spell

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