Krug Bloodaxe is the ruler of the Bloodaxe Horde, a powerful Orc army.


Krug is a gigantic Orc, standing almost seven and a half feet tall. His skin is an extremely dark green, almost black. This, combined with his lack of hair and red eyes, has led to speculation that he is some sort of demon (he is not). Krug wears black full plate armor and wields an enormous magical axe, the Bloodaxe. The Bloodaxe is a fifty-pound greataxe with a blood-colored head that magically prevents the wounds it inflicts from healing, even if said healing is magical. Despite the axe's size, Krug wields it with one hand and often twirls it like a baton in combat.


Krug is a bloodthirsty maniac who enjoys nothing more than destruction and mass slaughter. He prefers fighting against foes who actually pose a threat to him, although such fighters are few and far between. That said, he is very intelligent even by human standards and is a master tactician. He finds it humorous to "play dumb" with his opponents and then reveal his true intelligence at a crucial moment. Oddly, he believes both humans and Orcs are flawed races and that they must combine to create a new race of beings. Krug is fascinated with Alexia Meta for some reason, possibly because a human woman capable of fighting on his own level is all but unheard of.

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