Kowazixes are mythical birds said to live in Emirion.


Kowazixes, also known as Wind Vipers, are large frilled birds. When standing, they are about 6 ft. tall and they have a 12 ft. wingspan. They have emerald feathers tinted slightly with a silvery blue. These feathers are usually tipped with gold to attract mates. However, during mating season, they are said to grow entirely golden feathers over the green coloured feathers.

The claws of Kowazixes are said to be made of pure gold, tipped with green talons.


Kowazixes were never proven to be real, although on several occasions, people have reported seeing 'large green birds', which match the description of the Kowazix. One of these sightings was actually from the very lord of Emirion, Nova.


The Kowazixes are said to have magical abilities superior to most dragons, even a weak Titan Dragon. They supposedly have immense control over air and winds, able to make giant cyclones. They probably use these abilities to drag prey to them.

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