The Kingdom of Tyros is a faction from southern Tyvarna that is ruled by the Tyros Dynasty.


The kingdom is ruled by Xander Tyros from Castle Dultrak, which acts as the nation's capital. The other settlements have governors or castellans that report directly to the prince. Communication is achieved using the nation's mages.

Xander refers to himself as a prince, as the law of the dynasty is that the title of king can only be claimed once the prince has been coronated on the throne in the city of Ishtus, which was destroyed.


The kingdom stretches from the city of Haysal on the west shore, below the Mura Forest, through to Fort Noryal in the east.


A professional army is maintained by the kingdom, divided between its settlements. They use heavy infantry, cavaliers, and longbowmen. Armour is mainly chainmail and weapons are high-quality steel.


Created from the rubble of the Tyros Empire, the Kingdom of Tyros holds on to a fraction of the past glories of the dynasty. Following the cataclysm many tribes of raiders and warriors appeared that took control of much of their past land, and collapsing cities reduced their population greatly.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Allies and enemies of the kingdom.


Good relations exist between the kingdom and the Alfa of Dreamwood.

Sukos WeyrEdit

The dragons of Sukos Weyr are neutral towards the kingdom.


A constant threat to the kingdom, the Raul are seen as its enemy.


As the Iderna wish to conquer the kingdom for themselves, the two factions are at war.

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