Khaivaroth the Torturer was/is a Great Dragon. He fought alongside Kalessaros the Black to defeat the Alliance of Khongrr, and later became the first of the Greater Dead.
Khaivaroth the torturer


Khaivaroth's original body was 850m long and had a wingspan of 2700m. He had dark grey scales and many spines.


The personality of Khaivaroth was unemotional, considering strategy and potential consequences. He was valued by Kalessaros as an adviser.


A highly proficient magician, Khaivaroth was known for using particularly painful and horrific spells on enemies.

Following his return from Hades, he pioneered necromancy and reanimation, and became very good at the art. He was most recently returned to the land of the living in the body of Lasai, a Laji.

In FictionEdit

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