Katrina König is the wife of Nova König. She is queen of Emirion.


Katrina has long brown hair and deep brown eyes, much like her husband. She shares a lot of characteristics with her husband, although they are not related all all. In fact, they are from different realms. She has tan skin all over her body. She wears jewellery around her neck and arms. She usually wears very little clothing.


Born in Zeotriegn in 3965, Katrina has always been on her own. She was abandoned as a child, leaving her to take care of herself. She mastered the skills of a rogue; sly and sneaky, and living by thieving off of others. But when people became aware of the 12-year old bandit, she had to escape. She boarded a ship to Emiria, where she continued her life as a thief. She lived a quiet life in the villages near Castle Styrke. But she was still chased down by her victims, so she was forced to leave yet again. She tried to make her own home away from everyone else, but then she found a small island off coast; Emirion. Just 14 at the time, she decided to live on the island; it had plenty of supplies to steal. She stole until she was 29. Her thief career was ended when she stole from the heir of the kingdom, Nova König. Nova did not punish her, he liked her. He let her off the hook, just because he liked her. They began to date and pretty soon they got married and had two children. Now she is age 38 and lives in luxury.


She is known by the public to be sweet and kind. However, people know you shouldn't mess with her.

Her greatest priority is keeping her history a secret. What the public knows won't harm her, but what they don't know, probably will.

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