Jungle People

A tribe of Yany'uami

The Junglemen are the native humans of the Southern Jungles. It is believed that they originated from ancient Emirians who migrated into the jungles rather than the temperate zones in the north.

Their name for themselves is Yany'uami, though they are typically referred to as Junglemen.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Yany'uami are an ancient society of warriors, who generally believe that the strongest individuals are those chosen by the gods to progress the generations. In this way, they have a belief in natural selection firmly rooted in their religion.

A tribe of Junglemen is lead by two individuals, the chief and the shaman. The chief is responsible for the management of the tribe's hunting, gathering, and war with other tribes. The shaman is a healer, who also serves as a religous leader and performs various rites. Many shamans, but not all, have Magical abilities, but are usually unskilled due to lack of training.

The tribe's men are given the task of hunting and foraging in the jungle, while women stay behind in the safety of the village. Here, the women sew clothes, cook meals, raise children, and perform general housework.

Girls are given away as brides when they are around the age of thirteen, and are always given to the strongest and/or bravest men of the tribe.


Junglemen are primitive in their technology, using only stone, bone, and sometimes crudely carved wood as materials. The primary weapon of a Jungleman warrior is a longbow, although blowguns and spears are often used as well.


It is believed that Junglemen came to the Southern Jungles as soon as the human race appeared, in the year 0007. It is not known whether they migrated to the region by choice, or whether they were forced to by the more aggressive peoples of the north.

Over the years, Junglemen have formed a distinct ethnic group. Their skin is darker than that of the northern humans, and they are usually taller.

In the year 3412, explorers sent by House Korlath first encountered Junglemen. These men, mercenaries, acted with great hostility towards the village they discovered. The men were murdered, the women were raped, and the tribe's food stores were stolen. Since then, Emirians and Junglemen have existed in a state of almost constant war, a scenario which has proven devastating to the Yany'uami. There may be less than two hundred tribes left in the Southern Jungles, and more are destroyed every year.

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