Jovulusion dragon

Jovulusion Dragons are dragons that reside exclusively in Jovulusio.


Jovulusion Dragons can grow to thirty-five metres (117 feet) in length.

They have a long head, with crocodile-like jaws containing many sharp teeth. They have a row of small horns running along the top of the head. On the sides of the head are two large, spiked fins, and at the rear of the head are two long, sharp horns, that are unusually straight. The fins can change colour to a limited extent, to show the mood of the dragon; brown for peaceful, red for angry, and dark green for sad. There are also a variety of shades in between, but people have yet to discover what they mean.

It has a double-row of spines running along its back, which act as armour. The two rows come together and just one row of spikes runs down the tail.

It has four short limbs, though the two front limbs are thinner and more dexterous than the hind limbs, as they are used for functions like grasping objects. The front limbs have a spike on the elbow, and some strange feathers on the forearm. Each leg has four fingers, tipped with claws.

Jovulusion Dragons have short, wide wings, and rely heavily on their flight-stone to fly. The wings are spined, each spine ending in another claw.

The tail tapers almost to a point, and can be used like a whip as a deadly weapon. Its entire body is covered in armour plates of varying sizes, strongest around the back and flank, rendering its hide virtually impenetrable.

Intelligence and PsychologyEdit

Jovulusion Dragons are sapient. They cannot speak, but communicate with each other telepathically. They can also telepath with humans and other species if the individual is born with magic. They can also show a variety of emotions using their cheek-flaps.

They are normally very calm and ignore humans/elves/etc. However, they like to hoard treasure, and if their hoard is in danger, they become extremely vicious and deadly.


Jovulusion Dragons can eat both meat and plant food, and take advantage of this to hunt using minimal effort.


Jovulusion Dragons like to reside in the ruined cities of the Moon Elves; this is where they gather most of their treasure for their hoards.


Jovulusion Dragons can breathe fire, which reaches a temperature of up to 900 degrees celsius, with a range of around fifty metres. As well as this, they can move objects with their mind, allowing them to do things such as stop spears and arrows, and send them flying back at their attackers.

There most deadly form of magic can cause devastation on a large scale at the cost of the dragon's life. They fly towards their target, then breathe their fire inside their stomach, causing them to explode in a ball of fire. This can destroy an entire city, depending on its size.

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