An Emirian explorer hides from a Jaw King

The Jaw King is a species of colossal reptile native the the Southern Jungles of Mythos. They are one of the dominant predators of the region.


Jaw Kings are massive animals, reaching lengths of forty feet long and standing twenty feet tall. They stand on long thick legs, which support the bulk of their bodies. The head of a Jaw King is particularly large in relation to the rest of its body.

These animals are generally green, which helps them blend into their environment.


Not particularly intelligent, Jaw Kings are strictly solitary animals which only come together to mate. The female, larger than the male, will care for her young during the first few months of their life, before she finally chases them away.

Jaw Kings are ambush predators. They frequently hide in the treeline near lakes and rivers, catching prey with short bursts of speed.

Interactions with HumansEdit

Humans, both native and Emirian, fear and respect the Jaw King. The animal frequently kills humans, and is sometimes slain by adventurers.

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