Imran Skavos
Vital statistics
Title Knight
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Tyros Dynasty
Status Alive
Location Fort Noryal
Imran Skavos is a warrior from Fort Noryal in Tyvarna.


A gaunt figure, Imran possesses wiry strength which is not obvious unless in use. He has black hair and brown eyes, as well as lightly tanned skin and a default cynical expression.


Imran is usually a quiet figure, and trusts very few people. He is slow to anger but becomes completely focussed and cold when roused.


Currently, Imran holds the sword Shanavas and wears chainmail armour. The sword's scabbard is enchanted with wards and basic magical barriers.


Imran has some basic magical aptitude inherited from his mother. He focusses on defence and perception.


Born in Fort Noryal as the son of the castellan, Imran grew up fighting undead, raiders, and wild beasts. Like most children in the fortress he practiced sparring, archery, horsemanship and unarmed combat, but was also educated in tactics, history, and to a small extent magic by the warlock Dorun Edemis.

In FictionEdit

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