Ikhroth is the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Infernal Realm, a Demon Lord of immense power. It is believed to be the most powerful non-Divine being in reality.


Ikhroth has only entered a mortal plane once. It appears as a swirling vortex of flame, lightning, molten metal, teeth, and lesser Demons, many miles across. These things are all constantly ejected from its body in all directions, destroying everything nearby. It saturates the nearby world with Primordium to such an extent that a multi-coloured mist, filled with lightning, surrounds it and runes appear then disappear in midair.

It appears to suck in the light of the world around it, making the sky go dark, while only increasing in brightness itself.


This Demon does not really care for the mortal worlds; its real goal is to depose and take the place of the Gods at the apex of reality. It believes in progression and the survival of the strong and fearless. It wishes to build up the largest army of Demons ever seen, gathering all the Demon Lords together, to form a horde that could challenge the Gods.

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