White dragon and jewls

Ice scorcher, one of the two Draegen Champions.

Ice Scorcher is one of the two Draegen Champions. He is befriended with Darkrune. He is an Ice Draegen.


He has all appearance traits as that of a Ice Draegen except that he has Ruby crystals all over his body. When asked how he got these he said: "Treasure from an empire foolish enough not to listen to me...!"


Not much is known of his history.


Ice Scorcher does not use much magic despite having a strong magical presence in him. When he does these are mostly lethal spells:

  • Sheer Cold: A life threatening spell, this causes the foe to drop his body temperature and eventually die. Only magical creatures living in snow covered areas are known to survive this attack.
  • Winter Land: This spell causes the area to get covered in snow, it also starts a snowstorm that causes the range of sight to go down, Ice Scorcher seems to be unaffected by these things and will attack from every direction.

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