Huo Lyall is a teenager living in House Solus.


He is tall for his age, with brown eyes and short, dark brown hair.


He is strong and brave, and protects those he cares for. He is slow to anger, but when he does become angry, he can act unpredictably.


Huo Lyall was born in 3988. Since his mother had become pregnant, his father had left the House for unknown reasons and not returned. His mother died when he was less than a year old, and he was raised as an orphan by one of his mother's friends. When he turned twelve, as had become customary in the village, he undertook the Trial of Strength.

Intisara Miles was impressed by his results. He moved him from living with his mother's friend to living in Solus Spire. He ensured Huo would train every day to become stronger, and when he was 14, Intisara announced that he was to succeed him as Lord of the house, should he not have any children.

When Hasina Styrke arrived at House Solus, he fell in love, and they went on a quest together into the Dread Catacombs, and between them slew Dreadfire. Afterwards, they settled down in House Solus, and got married.

In 4005, Intisara was killed in combat against Shadowlings, and Huo technically inherited the House, though it was mostly destroyed by Taika Pyora after casting her kamikazee spell to destroy the Shadowlings.

In FictionEdit

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