House Ursarius

Lord of the house

Mael Ursarius

Allegiance of the house

The King of the West

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Ursarius Keep



House Ursarius is a younger and smaller house that gained some form of power but settling on very fertile land and trading it with other houses.


Founded just around 3700, House Ursarius was a smaller western House nearer to the border. It gained recognition as one of the main food providers of the west. The word of dragon attacks in the south worry them greatly, as they do not have the military to fight off dragons, or enter into a war.


Mael II Ursarius is 42 years of age and is the current lord of the house.

Hannah Ursarius is 39, she was born a commoner but the tale has it that Mael was enraptured with her beauty that it didn't matter to him.

Miranda Ursarius, 22 years of age and Mael's only child.


House Ursarius has relatively no military, and relies on other houses to support it in times of need.

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