House Syrtur

Lord of House:

Dersk Syrtur


King of the South


Troll Gate

Syrtur is the name of a minor noble family in the south of Emiria. The Syrturs are quite wealthy, due to the thriving trade in mercenaries they participate in.


House Syrtur was formed in the year 3506, apparently by a moneylender whose only name was Syrtur. This man somehow had several Trolls in his command, and was able to assist the early Korlaths in a battle. The battle was won, and Syrtur was awarded the title of Lord. Since then, House Syrtur has grown to a great size, has achieved great wealth, and rules over several surrounding villages.


The current head of House Syrtur is the elderly Dersk Syrtur, who allows himself to be coerced into action by various wizards in his court. He has no children- there is talk in the House of adopting a child, an action not normally considered.


Central to House Syrtur's power and influence is the number of skilled mercenaries they have in their employ, whom they loan out at high sums of gold. Many of these mercenaries come from Pigblood, a town in which children are trained as fighters from an early age.

In addition to such mercenaries as these, several packs of Trolls are kept under control by the court wizards. These are particularly vicious and powerful, and are only leased to the richest men of Emiria.

In recent times, war has seemed to brew across Emiria. House Syrtur is rumored to have greatly increased the number of mercenaries in its employ, so as to take advantage of the forseen chaos.

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