House Solus

Lord of the house

Intisara Miles

Allegiance of the house

The King of the West

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Solus Spire




House Solus was formed from travelling herders and merchants, who frequently crossed paths in their journeys. Eventually, after many years of crossing, they decided to build a village together, and set up permanent homes there.

They built huts of mud and earth, with thatched rooves. In the year 1107, ten years after the House's founding, a Rage Dragon found their settlement. It took pity on the small village and vowed to be its protector, as their thatched rooves and mud houses would be easily destroyed by marauding pests like Wyrm Dragons.

In the year 1109, the Solus Spire was finally completed, and became the residence of the Miles family, the leaders of the House.

Over the next few millenium, the village grew, and new houses were erected, but they were still just mud houses, and the settlement can still only be considered a farming village. Their current Rage Dragon guardian is Tectia.


The village is not too far from the shore, and is situated on the southern edge of the western territory, almost outside its borders. Because it is so far from Sky Fort, if the King of the West were to go to war, House Solus would remain neutral.


The village is a farming village, and has no military, though the Miles family are trained to use a sword, shield and bow.

Notable ResidentsEdit

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