House Rhenou
Vineyard volcano
A Rhenou vineyard, with a volcano in the background

Lord/lady of the house

Lady Jean Rhenou

Allegiance of the house

The King of the South

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Rhenou Mansion



House Rhenou is a small south-easterly house in Emiria.

Its volcanic soils and moist climate make it ideal for growing grapes, and as such it is a major producer of wines, including the famous Chovalé Sanc.


This house was founded in 3467 by merchant explorers who came across natural grape vines in the soils of this region, most notably Marcès Rhenou, allied to House Korlath and sending tribute to the King of the South.

A large mansion was built in the hills that acted as the residence for the Rhenou family and the surrounding area was converted into vineyards. Peasants were bought from House Korlath to work the fields, and a number of mercenaries were bought to form a small private army.


The current head of House Rhenou is Lady Jean Rhenou, following the death of her husband Guido. She has three children; the twelve-year-old Jacques, the ten-year-old Marie, and the nine year-old Bertrand.


House Rhenou maintains a small private force of mercenaries, numbering fifty in total. They are equipped with high-quality, mainly ornamental weaponry, including swords and armour. All are trained with the horse and the javelin.

Captain Claude Mauthner leads this group.

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