The state governed by House Meta originated as several loosely affiliated nomad clans in central Emiria. They had banded together for mutual aid in times of need, but were not well prepared for a campaign of raids perpetrated by a Tartarix scouting force in 3915. The Death Giants were unable to perform the darkening ritual necessary to allow a full invasion and occupation and were beaten back after several months. Afterward, the clans settled around the Twin Lakes and formed a single state, ruled by a hereditary line of nobles from the largest original clan, the Meta Clan. The ruling nobles of this clan bore that name and became known as House Meta.


The current Lord of House Meta is Arcon Meta, King of the Center. He is married to Vyana Meta, the daughter of a village baron. They have a son and a daughter, named Azuris Meta and Alexia Meta. Azuris is 9 and Alexia is 17.


House Meta has a large military, consisting of 40,000 armed men and women. The kingdom has been extremely wary for any signs that Tartarix might intend to renew its conquest, but has begun to relax after nearly ninety years with no incident. However, House Meta has been preparing for the Dark Elf and House Korlath invasions it believes are soon to come, and may soon be fighting a war on two fronts. Arcon fears that Tartarix will choose that time to strike in force, and should that come to pass everyone on Emiria will be in mortal danger.


House Meta is on good terms with every House in Emiria except for House Korlath. They have four principal enemies: the Orcs, the Dark Elves, House Korlath, and Tartarix, although the latter two have not yet made a major move.

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