House Katyuin

Lady of the house

Alannys Katyuin

Allegiance of the house

The Queen of the East

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Storm's Eye




There has been much dispute over whether or not the Katyuins are the proper owners of the throne of the east. Since the east was such a disputable territory, it is mostly governed by the strongest and the most powerful house. There is nothing surprising about the Katyuins rise to power as almost any house in the east can trace their lineage back to one or another member with royal blood. The Katyuins consolidated power during the conflict known as The Dune War, where they were able to convince more powerful and fickle houses to fight for them, establishing themselves as monarchs at the end of the second millennium.


The only current surviving member of the Katyuins is Alannys Katyuin. Called the "warrior queen" by her people because of her fiery spirit, there are rumors that she has a look-alike sit the throne while she fights with the soldiers on the battlefield.


The amassed might of the Katyuin's with all the east backing them is around 40,000 soldiers. Many are seafarers, as the east has a large (the largest in Emiria!) presence at sea. The ships swear fealty to the queen, but they are own by the five separate merchant princes.

Wants and NeedsEdit

Although the Katyuins mostly despise their southern neighbors, the east has a philosophy that can be summed up as "what will happen will happen" meaning that they will only oppose the south if the time is right.

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