House König is the only house in Emirion.

House König

Lord of the house

Nova König

Allegiance of the house

The King of Emirion

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Emirion Keep




House König was founded by a man named Eros König and his wife, Saphire König in the southern part of Emiria in 0462. They were very rich. They assembled a group of about one hundred people and convinced them that they needed to take rule over some land. But after they tried to get land in Emiria, they found a tribe of men now known as House Styrke. The group did not want to steal land from the tribe, so they moved more to the coast where they found an island. They boarded the island and found that it was filled with resources. They settled in that island, which they named Emirion, after the land they originated in, Emiria.

They were solitary and undisturbed by other men until 2035. A small group of men where hiding from a dragon known as Deathbringer who was attacking the territory known as Castle Styrke. House König treated the men with supplies and gave them shelter until the attack was over. For some reason, House König was never mentioned by the men.


The current ruler of the house and its property is king Nova König. He has a wife named Katrina König and a seventeen year old son named Eros König IV, his heir. He also has a sixteen year old daughter named Sabrina König .


It was never found necessary to have an army at all, but they are prepared. Every male is taught to wield a sword and every female is taught to use a bow and arrow. However there is no official military, the plan is that if there is an attack, everyone would pitch in to defend.


The house knows no magic besides one long forgotten type of it; Dracomancy. Dracomancy is a special type of magic used by Dragon riders. Dracomancy allows a special wizard known as a Dracomancer speak fluently with dragons, control dragons, and sometimes even become a dragon, although only the greatest of Dracomancers could become dragons.

It is believed that House König are the last group of people that know the forgotten magic Dracomancy. It used to be used all over Mythos until it was just forgotten for some reason. Eros König was a Dracomancer and took this magical art along with him, teaching his son. Now all the members of the house are taught Dracomancy at the age of 18.

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