House Duna

Lord of the house

Erstrom Duna

Allegiance of the house

The Queen of the East

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Dunhold Keep




House Duna was and still is a strong and well respected house of eastern Emiria. They were once the monarchs of the east, and supported the Katyuin's during The Dune War leading largely to their success in the conflict.


Erstrom Duna is the lord of the house and often considered brash and hot headed. He is in his forties and his wife, Melissa is in her thirties. They have two sons, 19 and 16.


The military strength of House Duna has been guessed to be around 2,500. Its strength has dwindled in the years since The Dune War but they are still fiercely loyal to House Katyuin.

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