The High Moon Elven queen Ginassa Thollion

No doubt that the High Moon Elves were both the pinnacle of beauty and the Moon Elves themselves.
- Diary of a Snow Elven scientist

The High Moon Elves was a name given to one of the 5 kingdoms of the Moon Elves. They were highly skilled with Magic and used this to fight enemies during conflicts. They had an excellent army and military tactics but could not win against the Blood Moon Elves during the Death Moon Wars due to the use of Necromancy.

Aside from their beauty they also had another notable feature, their lifespan. The oldest known High Moon Elf was 517 years old. But due to many wars, diseases, etc... this was rare among them to become this old.


The High Moon Elves were the most beautiful among their Moon Elven kind. All of them had silver/gray hair and blue, gray or black eyes. Their voice was as soft as the wind and their beauty was a gift from the moon.

They were/are also the tallest known Elves having an average height of 2m 3cm.


The High Moon Elves was the only kingdom that allowed a queen to rule. But this caused all heirs to become their daughters...

????-0493---First ruler(s)

0493-0862---Lavioshora Thollion

0862-1319---Jinnyvaora Thollion

1319-1735---Annasioliavo Thollion

1735-1759---Ginassa Thollion


The High Moon Elven military was considered the best of the Moon Elves using only the best materials, weapons and armour. They made almost no use of warbeasts (with the exceptions of mounts) as they felt responsible to keep their own ecosystem alive. Their military consisted of:

  • Siriadon Archers
  • Arndioran Spearmen
  • Follio'Bhorson Soldiers
  • Quagmhonok Cavalry

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