Helios is a Dragon Rider in Emiria. He is the apprentice of Gladius König.


Helios is a large, extremely muscular man. He has long, white hair and tannish skin. He is never seen wearing anything besides his armor.

Helios has a large shoulder guard made of the tail of a great Dragon. He has two different gauntlets, one on each hand. The one on his right hand is a thin gauntlet spiked with the horns of a dragon. The other gauntlet is made of the scales of a dragon. Helios wears a mask made from the face of a mock dragon. It is a mask, not a helm, so it only covers his face. Helios' sword is a crooked blade, but he does not use it often as a sword, rather a staff.


As he does not use his last name, he is considered a wizard. He once trained as a Pyromancer at the Wizard's Tower in Emiria. However, during the first attack from the Dragon Riders to the tower, Helios was captured and taken to the main stronghold of the Dragon Riders, Gladius Keep. There, only at the age of 12, Helios was trained to be a Dragon Rider. His previous magical abilities made it easier for him to study and use Dracomancy, allowing him to quickly become an experianced Dracomancer. He quickly became so powerful in these arts, his only superior was Gladius. Gladius chose Helios as his apprentice. Helios now stands right by his master in battle, defending him.

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