A herd of heaves on a jungle path

Heaves are large, reptilian herbivores native to the Southern Jungles of Mythos.


Heaves are bulky quadrupeds, with a mottled colouring and scaly skin. They are capable of temporary bipedal locomotion, except for the largest individuals. Most heaves are roughly thirty feet in length.

In order to protect themselves from predators like the Jaw King, heaves have a sharp thumb spike which can puncture most animal hides. These thumb spikes are often used as an ingredient in potions.


Heaves are generally docile animals, only showing aggression when threatened. They travel about the jungle in herds of a dozen or so individuals.

Young are cared for by their mothers.

Interactions with HumansEdit

Heaves are occasionally imported to Emiria as beasts of burden, although they do not usually live long in the temperate climate. The native tribesmen of the Southern Jungles hunt young males for their meats, and the shamans sometimes decorate themselves with their thumb spikes.

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