Halon Wintrey


The King of the North







Halon Wintrey is the son of Harle Wintrey and a prince of the north. He is 21 and is well liked.


Halon is a young man who looks nothing like his father or his brothers, however he does look like his sister. He has light brown hair and dark blue eyes. He has white skin which is without tan. He has no battle scars as he has not been in any serious battles.


Halon is an amiable person. He usually makes a friend of whoever he meets, but his temper is a fearsome thing when provoked. He is the prince everyone wishes his brother, Jon, would be as Jon will ascend the throne when his father dies. Halon has a strong sense of morals and treats all folk with respect. He sometimes rides into towns so that he can show the peasants that he doesn't forget them.


Halon's mother was killed in a raid when she was traveling south in 3993.

Halon's older brother is Jon and he is the heir to the throne.

Halon's sister is Katelyn Wintrey and he shares a strong bond with her.

Halon's youngest brother is Ryger.


Halon has only seen combat twice, and bandits both times. It is likely that Halon will never ascend the throne as he is the second born. Recently Halon has taken up planning against the advisor who controls and manipulates his father, the King. Halon's greatest friend is the captain of his guard Sir Dameon. Another one of his good friends is Trey Exanus, although that relationship can be strained at times.

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