Gryphons are a type of large non-sapient creature from the mountains to the north-east of Emiria.
Gryphon mu

A male Gryphon, from a coastal subspecies


Gryphons are large creatures, averaging around 3.8m long and having a wingspan of up to 6m.

They have the front body of an eagle, with a large beak, avian eyes, and feathers. The two front legs have talons, and are very strong. The wings come from the shoulder.

The hindquarters are leonine, with a tufted tail, large paws on the back legs, and golden fur.


Gryphons eat other large creatures, mainly mammals such as horses, yaks and yeti.

Life CycleEdit

Gryphons lay eggs in eyries, usually in mountainsides. The bond between a pair is for life, and they will not rebond if they lose their first mate.

They lay clutches of two to five eggs, which hatch into 90cm-long, flightless Gryphon cubs. These become able to fly at two months, and fully grown at 12 years.

Intelligence and BehaviourEdit

Gryphons are non-sapient, but are otherwise intelligent animals.

They show hoarding behaviours, snatching precious metals and gems when they can. To hunt, they swoop from the sky and grab their target in their front talons.

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