Gladius König is the founder and leader of the new Dragon Riders.


Much like his all of his family before him, Gladius has deep brown eyes. He has longish brown hair, stretching to his neck. He has tannish skin and rippling muscles all over his body.

His armor is an extremely shiny combonation of platinum and silver. It is lined with gold. Even his sword is silver and platinum, lined with not only gold, but bronze as well. His helm has a long black axe like blade on it. The shoulder armor spots are the most protected part of the body. Several layers of strong and precious metals cover the shoulders. Gladius has a long, azure blue cape.

Gladius' shield is lined with gold and silver. In the middle a purple stone fills the empty spots. An emblem is printed in the middle.


Gladius was born in 3933. He learned Dracomancy at age 18, like most members of House König. However, Gladius left the royal house after he tried to kill his brother Tyros König. He was banished from Emirion then. He returned 19 years later in 3952, when he killed one son and the wife of his brother, who was now king. He did not kill Nova König, the other son of Tyros, however. He believes this is his worst mistake yet, as he believed that Nova would be a great Dracomancer, possibly even greater than him. He feared that Nova would one day defeat him. So Gladius left and created the Dragon Riders. Their mission is to not only conquer Emiria and Emirion, but to kill Nova before he can kill Gladius.


Gladius is very bold and vain, bragging and boasting for all his achievements. However, when he is not as great as someone in one skill, he will do whatever it takes to surpass them with skill. Gladius is also very cold hearted and cruel, doing whatever it takes just to make one miserable.


Gladius is one of the greatest Dracomancers to live. He is amazingly bonded with his dragon, Silverwind. Just like his master, Silverwind is cold hearted and cruel.

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