Hello, and welcome to Medieval Universes Wiki! This is a wiki devoted to fantasy and collaboration. Before you jump in and immerse yourself in the world of Mythos, please take the time to do one of the following brief tasks to verify to the admins that you understand the rules and goal of Medieval Universes.

Option A: Create a HouseEdit

There are many old and powerful clans in the world of Mythos and there are minor ones as well. In this option, you would be tasked with creating a House, preferably in one of the existing realms, such as Emiria. This house can consist of a species other than humans, such as Ironhall, but be sure to check with someone if your creation seems like it might interfere with another's (and community interaction never hurt anyone!) The word "House" is just a loose term for a group of warriors, a clan or a family which controls land.

Here is a template that can be used:

Name of House

Lord of the house

Lord of the House's name

Allegiance of the house

Allegiance, if there is one to speak of

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated



Your username

House Korlath, House Styrke, House Syrtur and House Rhenou are all examples of this.

Option B: Create a SpeciesEdit

This option is fairly self-explanatory. Create a species of creature (preferably non-sapient, for the first one anyway but allowances can of course be made). Make sure you state where it's found, what it eats, what its physiology is, etc.

Examples: Dragon, Couatl, Mothoid.

Option C: Create a LocationEdit

There are not many current examples of this, but the creation of a city, ruin or other site should suffice. Once again, preferably in an already-established realm like Emiria or one bordering it. If the realm you choose is not a public one, please ask permission of the creator before making something in it.

Once you have chosen your option and done the task, please leave a message for one of the admins. Thank you, and have fun!

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