Gemfire is Nova König's dragon. He is also the last known Emerald Dragon.


Gemfire has enormous wings that branch out of his abdomen, lined with muscles. At the peak of the wings, large curved spikes drill out.

The scales of Gemfire are tough and brute, but are shiny and glowing, each like an individual emerald, as his species' name suggests.

Gemfire has four sharp white claws sticking out, and another on its ankle that lies just above the bottom of the foot. Te back feet have only three claws and one ankle claw.

Gemfire's eyes glow bright green, just as his mouth does. It is unknown why a green light flows out of his body. His teeth are very sharp, yet not as sharp as his claws.

He has two long, pointy horns on his head, one on each side.


Much like Nova, his master, Gemfire is very secretive and quite. However when angered, Gemfire is very aggressive and can be extremely hostile. He does not interact with anyone besides his master, not even Katrina König, wife of Nova König.


As his name suggests, Gemfire can blow fiery jets of flame from his mouth. He launches these green jets out of his mouth at extremely fast speeds. These flames glow with intense heat; about 2000 degrees F.

Gemfire is capable of much more than fireballs. He is also known for his freezing iceballs. He spews a jet of freezing energies out of his mouth. These energies are far below -200 degrees F.

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